• ▓cians with China

    g to honor distin▓guished scientists, engineers, and research achievements.Liu Yongtan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences aning for inese Academy of Enginee▓ring (CAE), is from the Harbin Institute of Techn

  • ce award01-09-2019 0

    ology, and Qian Qihu, a CAE academician, is from the Army Engineering University of the People's Liberation Army.Xi shook hands with them and expressed congratulations.Other leaders, including Li Keqiang, Wang Huning, an

  • ING, Jan. 8 (Xinhu

    d Han Zheng, all members of the ▓Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, were also▓ present.Tuesday's ceremony honored 278 projects, with 3▓8 winning the State Natural Science Award, 67 the

ident Xi Jinping pre

State Technological Invention Award, and 173 the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award.Five foreign experts wo

sented China's

n the International Science and Technology Cooperation Aw▓ard.On behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Premier Li Keqiang extended cong▓ratulations to the award winners and thanked foreign experts for their

award to Liu Yo

support to China's science and technology development.

ngtan and Qian Q

Li said China has achieved remarkable progress in scienc

ihu on Tue▓sday

e and technology since the country's reform and opening-up four decades ago, and the past year again witnessed excellent performance in science and technology inn▓ovation.He called on scientific and technological w▓orkers to follow the guidance of the Xi Jinping Thought on ▓Socialism

  • with Chinese C

    haracteristics for a New Era, grasp the new trend of science, techno▓logy revolutions and industrial transformation, and further implement the innovation-driven▓ development strategy, so as to speed up the building of an innovat

  • ▓ive country and a

    leading power in science and technology.Basic research should be given more priority, and receive more long-term and stable support, Li said, adding that the development of basic research, applied research, and industrializa

  • tion should be int

    egrated to build an open, coordinated and efficient research platform."We should deepen the reform on the scientific and technological system, innovate the scientific and technological investment policy and the fund manageme

o▓logical innov

nt system, as well as expand the decision-making rights of scientists and researchers in choosing technological routes, ut

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, also general secretary

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arch ach

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unist Party

▓of China (CPC) Central

nts," Li

said, w

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nd chairma

n of the Central Milit

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d award medals and certi


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ressed t

he need

hem a▓t an annual


held in Beijin

to strengthen the role of enterpr▓ises as the main play

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